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Help Your Hanging Baskets from Drying Out this Summer!

by User Not Found | Aug 30, 2016

There are many benefits to growing hanging baskets, especially if you have a small garden or simply want to add a splash of colour and blossom up a doorway, wall or patio - they are great gap fillers.

However, the main issue with hanging baskets is that they dry out quickly so need to be kept watered regularly, particularly on hot days.

The perfect solution that matches requirement to weather conditions is a solar powered automatic watering system like the Irrigatia kit which naturally delivers to plants their liquid needs when they most need them.

Unlike electronic timer systems that deliver water at a set time, the Irrigatia system automatically judges their needs and waters every three hours.  The longer the daylight hours and the greater the light intensity in a day the more the system waters.   The volume of water can be manually adjusted to suit individual watering needs.

Irrigatia uses up to 90% less water than a hose or sprinkler and because the drip feeding point is at the soil level, there is no risk of scorching or burning foliage.  The water comes direct from a nearby water butt and, if these are not available, a reservoir can be purchased.  Liquid feed can also be added to the watering process.

In addition to hanging baskets, Irrigatia is ideal for vegetable gardens and allotments, glasshouses, house plants, containers, pots or plants and shrubs planted out in the garden.  All that is needed is an adjacent water supply and somewhere to hang the solar panel and control box to capture maximum sunlight which it stores in rechargeable batteries.

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