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It’s Time to Feed Your Glasshouse Crops

by User Not Found | Jun 16, 2016

“We recommend customers use the soluble feed of their choice at ¼ of the normal recommended concentration, dissolved in the rain barrel.  Tomatoes should be kept a little on the dry side until first fruit is set, then keep them well watered but don’t drown them.

“Peppers and cucumbers will be happy enough with the same regime.  Chilli’s want to be kept warmer and well-watered at this time of year, but drier as they approach maturity to boost the spiciness.

“You will get better flavoured tomatoes by watering with plenty of potash and not allowing them to get too lush, but go too far and they will get blossom end rot.”

The Irrigatia system is ideal for use in glasshouses, all that is needed is an adjacent water supply and somewhere to hang the solar panel and control box to capture maximum sunlight which it stores in rechargeable batteries.

This solar automatic kit uses up to 90% less water than a hose or sprinkler and because the drip feeding point is at the soil level, there is no risk of scorching or burning foliage.  The water comes direct from a nearby water butt and, if these are not available, a reservoir can be purchased.  Liquid feed can also be added to the Irrigatia watering process.