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Weather Responsive Tap Timer

The Weather Responsive Tap Timer works like a conventional tap timer except that instead of watering atIrrigatia IRR-WRTT the same time for the same amount of time every day, the solar panel measures the sunlight and adjusts the watering time according to the weather conditions - more sun = more water

By default the Timer waters at 3 hourly intervals throughout the day but can be programmed to water every 1,2,3,4 or 5 hours or at sunrise or sunset.  The amount of solar influence can also be adjusted and the nudge feature allows you to increase/decrease the watering time as your plants grow during the season.

The tap timer can be used with any existing irrigation or watering system. 

If you wish to use it with Irrigatia extension kits you need to use the Tap Timer Connector kit (see below).

The unit can be directly connected to a tap or used inline on a hosepipe.

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Connecting to Irrigatia extension kits


  1. While the vari-flow valve is off, turn the tap timer controller on.
  2. Slowly turn on the valve until all the drippers are dripping at about 1 time per second. If you are using micro-porous hose, when it is full of water it should have a low amount of pressure so that you can feel the water in it, but it is still squashy like a soft bicycle tyre. If you are using seep-hose, it should be connected to the drippers after the setup procedure.
  3. Once set-up, leave the valve in this position. If you change the number of emitters on the system the procedure will need to be repeated.
  4. Drain out the tap timer and valve prior to freezing weather conditions.