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Designing your Irrigation system

As well as drip irrigation, Irrigatia systems can be used with seephose (leaky hose) and micro-porous hose to cater for most growing environments.

We have set out some sample designs to help you plan your irrigation system depending on what and where you need to water. Just remember to check the contents of each kit in case you need to purchase any extras - also check out the Irrigation Units capacity.

Flower and Vegetable Bed Watering

Using a mixture of drippers and seephose (leaky hose) you can water areas of flower or vegetable beds, or raised beds.

The seephose is pushed directly onto a dripper up to 1m in length and a stopper is fitted. Alternatively for longer runs use a dripper at each end of the 2m run.

Click on the diagram to view it in full size.

Irrigatia - watering flower & vegetable beds

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Greenhouse Watering

You can hang the controller inside the greenhouse as long as the glass is clear and the solar panel is not in the shade.

One Irrigation Unit (IU) is typically the amount of water need for a tomato plant - 1 dripper should be used for each tomato plant.

If you are also watering pepper plants they need roughly half the amount of water, so 1 dripper can be shared by 2 pepper plants.  Alternatively you can split a dripper by pushing the tube onto the end of the dripper and adding a t-piece connecting to 2 drippers.

You may need to purchase extra drippers, t-pieces and stakes which you can buy in the spares section of our shop.
Irrigatia - greenhouse watering

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Small Pots and Trays

Set out your small pots on a gravel tray of compost and water the tray with a dripper.

Large Bed Watering

Snake the micro-porous hose along the bed - it will spread water up to 1/3m in total outwards from the hose.  You can run it up to 25m in length or split it into 2 x 12m lengths.

The SOL-C24 will water up to 25m - the C120 up to 120m.

Irrigatia - small pots, trays & large bed watering

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Watering at Different Heights

One of the benefits of an Irrigatia system is that plants can be watered evenly at different heights - the controller will pump water up to 5m in height.  

However there should be no more than 2m in height difference between the lowest and highest dripper to maintain even watering.

You can mix drippers and seep hose and subdivide drippers (MAX x 3 drippers) to water small pots.

The kit required for this configuration is a SOL-C24 plus 12 dripper and seep hose extension kits.  This would leave 6 drippers free to water a further 6 20 litre pots.
Irrigatia - watering plants and pots at different heights

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