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  • Wildlife-friendly gardening tips!

    by Norwoods Gardener | Jun 05, 2020
    If, like the team here at Irrigatia, you love to see your local wildlife paying your garden a visit then making sure your garden is as wildlife-friendly as possible is key. But could you do more to attract even more nature to your outdoor space? We’ve put together our seven top easy-to-follow tips to help you encourage more wildlife into your garden.
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  • Getting the garden Summer ready

    by Norwoods Gardener | May 21, 2020
    As we approach the start of summer, we’re busy in our garden making sure it’s at its very best for us to relax in and enjoy in the sunshine. To help you get your garden summer ready, we’ve put together our latest seasonal roundup of garden jobs that you should be doing to make sure it’s ready for everything from enjoying a spot of afternoon reading to cooking up a storm on the barbeque.
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  • How To: Save Your Plants from Slugs

    by Norwoods Gardener | Apr 28, 2020
    One of the biggest nuisances for any gardener, particularly during the Spring months, are slugs! We’ve put together our top tips on helping control and prevent slug damage to your plants, without using ugly and toxic slug pellets, to keep your garden thriving throughout April, May and beyond.
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  • 5 ways to make the most of a little extra time at home this Spring

    by Norwoods Gardener | Apr 06, 2020
    Here at Irrigatia, we’re encouraging you to see this current state of affairs as a chance to make the most of a little extra time at home and get out in the garden – here are all the best ways to incorporate fresh air and your garden into your new daily routine.
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  • Top 5 tips to kickstart your garden this New Year

    by Norwoods Gardener | Jan 24, 2020
    Is your New Year’s resolution to transform your garden? Are you unsure where to start? Whether you’re starting from scratch or restoring your current garden, here are our top 5 tips to kickstart your 2020 garden transformation
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