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Irrigatia's top four tips for creating an eco-friendly winter wonderland this Christmas

by Norwoods Gardener | Dec 02, 2021

With Christmas just around the corner, we know plenty of you will be getting into the festive spirit. So, we’ve created a guide on how to create the ultimate winter wonderland in your garden – sustainably. It’s vital to keep being environmentally-conscious throughout the year, but especially throughout the festivities as Christmas can often be a huge source of waste. Here are some of George’s top tips on how to achieve an eco-friendly winter wonderland.

1. Create a homemade wreath

Festive wreaths are a beautiful addition to any garden, especially natural ones. You can easily create your own using willow branches, twigs and natural foliage from within the garden. When decorating the wreath, use natural and recyclable items such as holly berries, festive potpourri and pinecones as opposed to plastic accessories. You can even add some sparkle using biodegradable glitter made entirely from plants!

2. Plant a Christmas tree

A simple and super eco-friendly way to create a festive garden is to plant a real-life Christmas tree – plus you get extra points if you do this instead of chopping one down to bring indoors! When planting the tree, it’s important to make sure the root ball is still intact as any tree that’s been cut above the roots won’t survive. It’s also vital to keep the tree in a sheltered spot and apply organic mulch around the roots to keep it thriving. There’s a wide variety of sustainable decorations available or you can make your own – just remember to avoid plastic!

3. Replace plastic with rattan

Rattan is an extremely sustainable material and is actually one of the fastest developing woods. Not only that, but rattan decorations require low technology during production – creating minimal pollution as a result. So why not invest in some rattan reindeers or elves and create a winter wonderland which is entirely recyclable.

4. Liven up your foliage

Finally, you can make anything festive with a little attention to detail! Simply hang sustainable decorations on your shrubbery, foliage and garden branches to liven things up – just make sure to choose the materials you use carefully, such as biodegradable options or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. Wooden baubles and reusable bows and ribbons are an easy way to liven up your shrubbery!

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