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Bloomin' Kinross is Saving Water with Irrigatia!

by User Not Found | May 24, 2017

The volunteers behind Kinross in Bloom, a local initiative that plants flowers and hanging baskets throughout the Scottish town of Kinross, have been able to save water this year thanks to smart, solar-powered watering kits from Irrigatia.

Each year, a team of volunteers nurture around 3,000 young plants in a poly-tunnel, including begonias, petunias and fuchsias, which are then planted around the town to make it a brighter, more welcoming place for people to visit. This involves a lot of watering, around six to eight watering cans every day!


This year is different. Without a mains water or electricity supply, the Kinross in Bloom volunteers collect rainwater using water butts, which are now connected to three automatic solar-powered kits from Irrigatia. The kits water the plants every few hours, and will react to changing weather conditions, watering for longer periods on hot sunny days. This ensures that tender plants are kept hydrated without wasting a single drop of water.