How will your plants cope while you’re on holiday this summer?

by Aroonaa Sharrma | Apr 21, 2017

There are certain things we always like to check before we go on holiday; no one likes to come back home to find milk past it’s sell-by date or dry, wilted houseplants in need of some TLC.

But how much thought do we give to the well-being of our garden plants while we’re away on holiday?

One solution is an automatic, solar-powered irrigation kit that will make sure your fruit, vegetables, flowers, containers and greenhouse plants are kept hydrated while you are on the beach.

Powered by daylight – these watering kits will automatically adjust so that in warm, sunny weather they water for longer and when it is dull and cold, they water for shorter periods. The water is supplied from either an adjacent water butt or from a smaller reservoir, so that you can recycle collected rainwater.

Irrigatia Automatic Watering Kits

Irrigation kits can use up to 90 per cent less water than a hose because it drip-feeds water to the plants regularly, without wasting a single drop.

It means one less thing to worry about whilst you’re on holiday, knowing your irrigation kit is set up ready to go, and your plants are getting precisely the right amount of water that they need to flourish.


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